LED Street Light Replaces Old Sodium Lamp

- Jul 09, 2018 -

Recently, the Shenzhen Xinhu Office replaced some of the street lights in the area, and the old street lights of Zhenmei Avenue and Zhenmei Road were “released” and the new LED street lights were officially opened.

Previously, the street lamps of Zhenmei Avenue and Zhenmei Road were ordinary sodium lamps. The high total power caused the transformer to be in full working condition for a long time, and there were serious power safety hazards. The newly installed LED street light has low power, long life and high efficiency.

It is reported that the project has replaced 194 sets of LED lights, saving 12,8859.6 kW of electricity per year and saving electricity costs by about 120,000 yuan.

The Xinhu Office will gradually phase out the old sodium lamps in the jurisdiction according to actual needs, achieve energy conservation and emission reduction, eliminate potential safety hazards of street lamps and safety hazards at night, and escort residents in the area at night.

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