How To Distinguish The Components Of LED Floodlight Light?

- May 24, 2017 -

Shan Tempered Glass

Process: There are two types, one for physical tempering, the other for chemical tempering.

Physical tempering is the ordinary flat glass or float glass in the specified conditions and environment, after quenching or wind-cooling process processing produced.

Chemical tempering is the ordinary flat glass or float glass through the ion exchange method, the glass surface composition changes, so that the glass surface forming a laminated stress layer processing. Good and bad identification: inspection smoothness, no bubbles, inclusions, scratches, lines and fog spots and other quality defects, the existence of such defects of glass, in use will occur deformation, reduce glass transparency, mechanical strength and thermal stability of glass.

Shan Reflective Cover

Identification methods: No deformation, no spiral indentation, no pinhole, surface brightness, no obvious sand hole, electroplating gloss is better, the thickness of electroplating should be even.

Shan LED Integrated Light source

Good or bad: through a microscope to see whether the chip is required manufacturers, chip size is the required chip. Chip, wafer, epitaxial tablets, film, based on led floodlight manufacturers tell you the origin and specifications to confirm good and bad. Generally, the quality of imported chips will be better than domestic chips. Large size chips are better than smaller chips.

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