How To Choose LED Flat Lamp

- May 24, 2017 -

LED flat lamp compared with other lighting, the advantages are very prominent: ultra-thin, super bright, super energy-saving, super long life, super easy worry! Green environment. However, the quality of LED flat lamps is very different, consumers do not know how to choose?

In view of the vicious competition of the market price of the flat lamp, a large number of unqualified products listed (knavery, bad goods, rotten goods) have violated the real value of LED energy saving, long life, environmental protection, etc. contrary to the application of LED technology to the integration of the field of the meaning of the ceiling, and seriously affected the integrated ceiling LED flat lamp health development, as the manufacturer of LED flat lamp has this responsibility to introduce and explain how to choose LED flat lamp or the identification of LED flat-panel lamp good or bad:

See the overall "lighting power factor": low power factor, indicating the use of the driving power supply, circuit design is not good, will greatly reduce the service life of lighting! Low power factor, the use of good lamp bead lighting life will not be long. Power factor, with "power factor meter" can be detected! General Export LED flat lamp power factor requirements of more than 0.85. Power factor is less than 0.5, should say unqualified products or junk products, not only the life is short, and the actual consumption of electricity is higher than the nominal to 1 time times, that is, with the general energy-saving lamp ratio, it does not save electricity! So, this is why led flat-panel lamps need to be equipped with high quality, efficient driving power source! There is no "power factor meter" to detect the power factor of LED lighting consumers, there is another way is to use "ammeter" to detect two of similar nominal power equivalent products, The larger the current and the greater the current harmonics, the greater the actual consumption of electricity, the more energy-saving! At the same time, the current instability, lamp bead life and the overall life of the lighting is not good!

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