Floodlight Application

- May 24, 2017 -

Floodlight is a global lighting point light source, light to all directions, no clear target, often used as auxiliary light, ambient light floodlight main has the following: multiplier default value of 1, when greater than 1 o'clock, when the intensity of the light increases, when it is negative, the light is sucked, and the light is sucked from the surface of the illuminated object: Adjust the contrast between the high light and the transition area soften coefficient: The boundary attenuation parameter between the softening transition area and the shaded area:

Near-range attenuation: Start: Invisible start position end: Invisible ending position, fully visible start position use: Set show with attenuation; display the attenuation range of a light source in a view with a long distance attenuation: Start: Visible start position end: visible ending position the greater the distance between the floodlight and the object, and the greater the angle of the object, the greater the intensity, the greater the floodlight and the object, the smaller the angle of the object, and the smaller the intensity. The luminous flux of the 85W floodlight is approximately equal to that of the 500W incandescent lamp.

  • Energy Saving 12W Round LED Suface LED Ceiling Panel Light with CE RoHS Standard
  • 50 Watt LED Outdoor Flood Lights
  • 150 Watt Cob LED Flood Light
  • Cob LED Flood Lights 200W
  • 10W Smd LED Floodlight Cool White
  • High Bay Light LED 30W

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