Top 10 Chinese LED packaging market in 2017, MLS surpasses Nichia First in Chemistry

- Jun 25, 2018 -

According to the latest “2018 China LED Chip and Packaging Industry Market Report” by TrendForce LED Research Center, China’s LED packaging market reached US$10 billion in 2017, up 12% year-on-year. According to LEDinside research, the Chinese packaging market has grown substantially. The major sources of energy came from the following demand markets, including general lighting, automotive lighting, displays, and emerging markets.

In the general lighting market, 2017 continued its strong demand in the second half of 2016. Chinese lighting packaging manufacturers represented by Mu Linsen and Hongli continued to expand their production capacity and their market share rapidly increased. International manufacturers gradually increased their costs due to higher manufacturing costs. The proportion of OEM orders for small and medium-sized products in China, and attack the high-power landscape lighting market. The automotive lighting market, driven by new energy vehicles and high-end passenger vehicles, has gradually increased its LED penetration rate and further expanded its market size. As the automotive lighting market is dominated by international manufacturers, including OSRAM OS, Seoul Semiconductors, and Nichia, China’s revenue has increased significantly. The display market is not only driven by small pitches, but outdoor large-pitch displays also have a tendency to gradually develop toward smaller-pitch displays, and the demand for display LED devices is increasing by orders of magnitude. With regard to landscape lighting, with the rapid development of China's night-sight economy, landscape lighting LED demand has also maintained steady growth. In other emerging areas, including UV/IR, plant lighting, etc., although the market size is still relatively small, the growth momentum is large, and it is expected to become a new growth point for the LED industry in the future.

From the perspective of manufacturers, among the top ten manufacturers, international companies occupy four seats, Taiwanese companies occupy two seats, and mainland manufacturers occupy four seats. Jufei Optoelectronics was listed for the first time, with the top ten companies accounting for 48%. For the first time, Mulinsen surpassed Nichia Chemical and reached the top in the Chinese market with a market share of 8.5%. No matter if it is a display or lighting market, Mulinsen City ranks first in terms of market share. Nichia's 2017 revenue growth in China remained the double-digit growth, mainly due to the backlight, automotive lighting and niche projection market. Lumileds still holds an important market position in the high-end lighting and automotive lighting market. OSRAM Opto Semiconductors (OSRAM OS), as China's leading automotive lighting LED supplier, enjoys the rapid development of LED automotive lighting dividends, China's revenue growth has increased significantly, ranking up one place year-on-year. Similarly, Seoul Semiconductor is also promoting the growth of revenue in China due to the automotive lighting market. Other domestic first-line packaging plants, including National Star, Hongli, and Jufei, all squeezed into the top ten, and their revenues maintained rapid growth. With the continuous expansion of production capacity, the rankings are expected to further increase.

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