LED Diffusion Board

- May 24, 2017 -

The uniform light of the guide plate can also play the role of Fuzzy dot. Diffusion panels generally use acrylic 2.0 of the plate or PC material, almost is the PS material, acrylic low-cost and light transmittance is slightly higher than the PC, acrylic brittle anti-aging performance is weak, PC prices are slightly expensive, but anti-aging performance is strong. The diffuser plate can not see the dot after loading, and the transmittance is about 90%. Acrylic transmittance in 92 for 88to Pos probably also 80%, we can according to the needs of the proliferation of material selection, most manufacturers are using acrylic materials.

Reflective paper:

Reflection of light on the back of the guide plate to improve the light efficiency, generally RW250.

Rear cover Panel:

The main role is to seal LED panel lights, generally with 1060 aluminum, but also a little heat dissipation.

Drive Power:

There are 2 kinds of LED driving power, one is the use of constant current power supply, this mode of high efficiency, pf value of up to 0.95, cost-effective; the second is the use of constant voltage with constant current power supply, stable performance, but low efficiency, high cost, the general use of this power supply is mainly export, the other side requires certification requirements, must use a safety regulation of the power. In fact, the household use of constant current power supply is very safe, because users are difficult to contact the power supply, and the light body itself is using a safe low-voltage electricity.

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