Introduce the knowledge of LED panel lights for you

- Sep 23, 2017 -

LED panel light is a very good and popular indoor lighting, the light source is LED, the frame is made by anodized aluminum alloy, the overall effect is very good, can light up your house and decorate your room.

So what about the structure of the LED panel lights? It includes the frame, LED chip, driver, PCB, diffuser, light guide plate and other parts.

LED panel lights have some good characteristics, such as good illumination, high CRI, uniform and soft light, and compared with ordinary lamps, the luminous flux is higher. At the same time, LED panel lights can prevent radiation, will not stimulate the skin of elderly, children.

According to different ways of installation, LED panel lights can be divided into two types, slim panel light and backlit panel light. Let's compare their difference.

Slim panel lights, light weight and thin, so easy to transport, but the light is easy to uneven; backlit panel light, high brightness, but there will be glare, and not very convenient for transport because it's more heavy.

Use high brightness LED as its light source, it's applied to hotels, restaurants, home other indoor lighting, and panel lights can be developed in schools, office and other places largely.


  • Waterproof Round LED Wall Mounted Panel Light
  • 200W Smd LED Flood Light
  • 180-240Watt Cob LED Floodlight
  • 70W Smd LED Flood Light
  • High Bay Lamp
  • LED High Bay 50W

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