International Space Station astronauts celebrate the Independence Day with LED light arrays

- Jul 05, 2018 -

The International Space Station astronauts come from many countries, but this does not stop them from enjoying a little holiday fun on July 4. There are currently three American astronauts on the space station who make a little red, white and blue decorations with less than enough supplies.

To commemorate Independence Day, the Space Station's Advanced Plant Habitat has undergone some modifications, and the LED lighting array has been converted from its usual color to the American flag. It looks very cool.

Advanced plant culture devices are designed to help astronauts monitor and observe the growth of plants in space. NASA therefore described the module: the incubator is equipped with a monitoring system, an avionics real-time manager that provides real-time telemetry, remote command and photo downlink for NASA's Kennedy Space Center team.

The system records data from 180 sensors, including water usage, carbon dioxide levels, light levels, temperature in the growth chamber, humidity and oxygen, and temperature, humidity and oxygen levels in the plant roots, and sends them back to Kennedy Space. Central analysis.

It's all very complicated, but a bright LED light array at the top of the habitat can be adjusted to the needs of the scientists. On July 4th, it was converted into star-striped light, which is only a temporary change because of the bright Red and blue lights may not be the favorite of internal plants.

At present, the No. 56 expedition of the International Space Station will continue to work until October, and the astronauts who arrived at the space station in March this year will return to the ground. Others will stay on board until December and will wait for the next astronaut to enter.

LED is not only for illumination but joyfulness.

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