Improve the classroom light environment

- Jun 22, 2018 -

The visual status of students at school is related to the quality of their classroom lighting environment. The survey shows that among the schools in our primary and secondary schools, there are 60% of the students who have myopia problems and they are the world’s largest. One of the reasons for this is that the burden of schoolwork has caused students to use eye fatigue, and on the other hand, there are certain problems in the lighting conditions in the classroom.

The survey further found that the lighting design problems caused the classroom lighting to fail to meet relevant standards. Some professionals have suggested that if students learn under poor lighting conditions, in order to further adapt to the entire classroom environment, the human visual organs will appear frequent adjustments, which can easily make students with eye fatigue, causing myopia and other adverse Health issues.

Therefore, facing the "blind area" under classroom lighting and designing classrooms with reasonable and correct use of light, further improvement of the light environment within the classroom is already imminent.

  • 40W Cylindrical Exterior Light Fixtures
  • 40W LED Street Lights
  • Aluminum Waterproof LED Floodlight
  • Plastic Cover LED Panel Light For Ceiling
  • 50 Watt LED Outdoor Flood Lights
  • LED High Bay Light 100W

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