How will the LED lighting industry develop in the future?

- May 25, 2018 -

Since the invention of LED lighting technology, after more than 20 years of development, the technology is very mature now. LED chip manufacturers have sprung up. Various manufacturers also produce LED light source chips with their own unique features. In such a large LED lighting market to occupy their own place.

The performance index of LED lighting is mainly composed of light efficiency, luminous flux, CRI, and light decay. With the rapid development of LED manufacturing technology, the heat resistance of the light source has been greatly improved, and the light failure caused by light is also greatly reduced. In years, the problem of light decline has begun to fade out of people’s main concerns.

The three performance indexes of light efficiency, luminous flux, and CRI have been mentioned by people. Light efficiency = luminous flux/power. The luminous flux can directly reflect the amount of light emitted by the LED light source. Similarly, the light effect can also reflect the light emitted by the LED light source. The size of energy refers to the ability of the LED light source to irradiate color. Now the LED light source on the market has achieved more than 150 lm/w, and even more than 180 lm/w has been achieved. Above, but after the LED light source will really only make light efficiency as the only competitive chip? I do not think it is.

In the current society, people have not fully realized the meaning of luminous flux and luminous efficacy. Most people are still pursuing power. Under the same power conditions, the higher the luminous efficiency of LED light sources, the brighter it will be, but now people really need to Bright lighting? I don't think it's necessary. In my opinion, the human eye has a limitation on the brightness of the outside world. If it exceeds the limit, it will cause discomfort to the eyes. Therefore, future lighting will develop toward high light efficiency, but it is not blind. With the development of high light efficiency, what direction will future LED light sources take?

The future of LED light sources will also develop in the direction of comfort and humanity. In the future, the concept of people will become more prominent. People will pursue higher and better material and spiritual enjoyment. Therefore, LED light sources in the future will be oriented toward people-oriented. For the purpose of lighting.

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